Monday, 30 January 2017

To one and all, welcome to the James Ruse Social Golf Club for 2017.

We have 10 rounds booked from February to November with the Mystery Trip in July. Details of each round are listed on the website under "FIXTURES". The first round is at Chatswood on Sunday, 12st February with a Tee Time of 6:45AM.

To be eligible to play you need to be a financial member. Membership money will be accepted at Chatswood or can be paid prior by EFT. If paying at Chatswood, please ensure you have the correct money on the day. For the EFT details, please contact Andrew or Tony.

You are encouraged to login to the website and confirm if you are playing or not by selecting "YES" or "NO" for that round under "ARE YOU COMING". This needs ot be done at least 2 week before the round so we can confirm the number of players with the golf club. If you have not confirmed you are playing that round it is assumed you are not playing. Please note, we have booked each round for 24 players.

To access the website you need to login. For returning members your username and password are still valid. For new members, the "USERNAME" is your "email address" and the "PASSWORD" is "golf". Once logged in you can confirm if you are playing under "FIXTURES", you can track you ranking after each round under "LEADER BOARDS" and announcements / general information will be posted under "THE CLUBHOUSE".

If anyone has any issues accessing the website, please contact Tony so it can be resolved.



* Address:

* Username (your email address)

* Password (golf or golfer)



* Membership Renewal $250.00

* New Membership $ 280.00



* Cost Per Round $50.00

* Haggle Per Round $5.00

* Chatswood (10 carts have been reserved)

* Richmond (10 carts have been reserved)

* Riverside Oaks (Carts will be provided)

* Fox Hills (10 carts have been reserved)

* Muirfield (10 carts have been reserved)

* Mystery Trip (Carts will be provided)

* Penrith (10 carts have been reserved)

* Camden Lakeside (Carts will be provided)

* Glenmore Heritage (10 carts have been reserved)

* Stonecutters Ridge (10 carts have been reserved)



* Andrew Fogerty (President) 0414 983 115

* Michael Napoli (Captain) 0406 639 588

* Tony Theissen (Secretary) 0476 832 654

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