Monday, 14 December 2015

To all James Ruse Members,

Our 2015 Competition has come to an end and the 2016 Competition is just around the corner.

Before proceeding. I'd like to recognise and thank Andrew Fogerty for his time, effort and energy that he has put into the Golf Club over 10+ years as a member and as President. Having "charismatic" people like Andrew being an integral part of the club, makes the club what it is today. A big "THANKS FOGES" from all of the JRGC Members.

The first order of business for 2016 is the AGM which will be held on Monday 25th January 2016 commecning at 6:30PM at Foges place (1 Chateau Close, Kellyville NSW 2155). Current members and new members are invited to attend. Please be prompt for the AGM and ensure you have the correct money for membership renewal or new membership. 2016 Membership costs are as follows;

- Membership Renewal @ $ 200.00

- New Membership @ $ 240.00

For current and new members please provide the following information to Tony via email ( prior to the AGM.

- Subject "JRGC 2016 Membership Details"

- Full Name

- Email Address

- Mobile Phone Number

- Shirt Size (new members only)

- Handicap (new members only)

We have booked some exciting and challenging courses for the 2016 Competition. All of the courses, dates and tee times are already on the website And as usual, please be at the course 30 minutes prior for pre-game formalities.

As with every AGM, the current Committee will resign their positions making them available to any member who'd like to have a crack. So, if your itching to contribute, help out, take control in 2016 put your hand up and have a go. Roles include.........President, Vice President, Captain, Vice Captain, Handicapper, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.......I'd also like to suggest we create a new role within the Golf Club.......that of the "CEO" (Chief Entertainment Officer) to which I nominate Andrew Fogerty......


Foges (0414 983 115) & Tony (0476 832 654)

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